Asset & site security


Security audit of industrial sites

  • Audit of conventional sites (factories, sites located in urban or suburban areas, non-sensitive industrial production, etc.)..
  • Audit of non-conventional sites (remote sites, isolated or very isolated production sites, sites in conflict zones, sensitive sites - SEVESO, defence-type sites or power plants - sites exposed to theft - gold and precious metals production sites, etc.).
  • Audit of private residential sites belonging to people in the public eye such as UHNWIs or political leaders (luxury complexes, large residences, embassies, private properties and castles).

Implementation of electronic, physical, mechanical and built surveillance and security systems:

  • CCTV, integrator systems, facial recognition, auditory recognition, UAV surveillance, anti-theft systems, alarms, remote warning systems, etc...
  • Special installations (Saferoom, metal walls, heavy bullet-proof protection, etc.).

Installation of security personnel on site

  • Anti-intrusion resources
  • Anti-theft devices (e.g. on sensitive production sites)
  • Anti-aggression or harm to individuals (sensitive sites or private sites owned by high-risk owners)

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